It’s Not Too Late To Achieve Your 2021 New Year Goals

Why you don’t follow your New Year’s resolutions- 2021

The Pain of Inconsistency in your New Year Goals




You don’t get out of the planning stage

  • Endlessly shopping for workout outfits without stepping foot in the gym
  • Adding to your list of 100 books you would like to read this year without starting any
  • Making a list of post ideas without making the attempt to begin writing

Bouncing back in 2021- It’s not too late to achieve your new year goals

Refocus- for the year

Resize- your goals

Reform & Re-shape- your mindset

Re-imagine- the timeline

Commit- to your goals

Takeaway: How to achieve your new year goals before the end of this year



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Susanna J

Susanna J

A Caribbean small-island millennial writing about life and improving it.